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Our insurance provider's plans are ideal for expatriates, globe-trotting travelers and anyone who is living, working or traveling outside of their home country. They provide worldwide coverage with benefits tailored to your needs.

Advice made simple

We are a specialised international insurance brokerage offering the very best brands of international insurance plans online. All policies are designed for the global citizen who is either traveling or residing outside of their home country.

Who we are

Intapolicy is a trading name of Adviser Platform, Lda. Incorporated in Portugal since 1988. Regulated by The Insurance and Pension Fund Supervisory Authority (ASF) and authorised by the UK Financial conduct authority.


Use Intapolicy to negotiate your contract.

Auto and marine
We're proud to offer great deals on car and yacht insurance without compromising on quality.

Buildings and Contents
By searching the whole market our recommended home insurance has pretty much everything covered, so you can relax and get on with what you enjoy doing.

Commercial insurance
You need to be confident that your business is properly insured. We are experienced in giving business owners peace of mind and high quality service in their business insurance policies.

With a range of products including shop insurance, office insurance, restaurant insurance, hotel insurance, manufacturing and commercial property insurance and more we have it covered. So call us now and see what a difference we can make, whether it's through the reassurance that you are covered by a trusted company or our service and the fact that we can find you a great deal on your business.

Life Assurance
Providing protection cover in the various forms of life, critical illness and disability solutions is at the heart of the our business in order to protect both you and your family.


International and national compliant products are available.